Tips For Getting A Quality Home

#1 tips for getting a quality, comfortable efficient home-CRC Builders Inc.
By CRC Builders Inc | March 6, 2021

How can you be sure the builder you choose will ensure quality during every stage of the construction of your new home? Read on to learn tips for getting a quality home.
The last thing you want is to end up with a home that’s riddled with defects. Especially when flaws can be hidden beneath the surface, only for you to notice later when things start to go wrong.

The functionality of your new home is just as important as the aesthetic. Things like the ductwork and insulation of your new home are important, hidden elements that are part of what makes your home comfortable and efficient. And, when these parts of your new home aren’t completed to a high-quality standard, they could end up costing you a lot of money in the long run.

When you work with a builder that only focuses on what you can see, it will be the things you can’t see that will hurt you later. However, professional builders will have a quality control process that ensures quality from the very beginning. So you can rest assured that no corners are cut during any stage of the construction of your new home.

Tips For Getting A Quality Home

Your Builder Must Ensure Quality For All Phases

According to Water Damage Defense, 14,000 people in the United States experience water damage to their home each day.

When it comes to building a new home, it’s your builder’s responsibility to make sure that everything is completed to a high standard to ensure there are no leaks in your new home. It’s the same story for every other phase of your new home too.

Average builders don’t have a quality control process to ensure the quality of these important elements during the construction of your new home. Instead, they focus on the aesthetics of the finishes rather than the functionality of what makes your home livable.

#1 tips for getting a quality, comfortable efficient homeWhile professional builders have a comprehensive quality control process that documents every stage of the process. You’ll have online access to photographic timelines and daily logs so you can see exactly what is going on, 24/7. Not only that, but they will also provide you with a warranty after your home is completed, to guarantee that the materials and workmanship of your new home will pass the test of time. They can provide this guarantee because they use pre-start checklists before each milestone begins to make sure that any issues can be fixed before they’re covered up.

There are a few things you should look out for to make sure your builder has a quality control process in place.

Choose A Builder That Keeps A Daily Log

First, make sure your builder uses a system that keeps a daily log of the construction of your new home. Professional builders will use an online portal, like BuilderTrend, to keep track of every step of the process. This is important because it ensures that everything is documented, so no one has to rely on the builder’s memory.

It also means that you, and the owner of the builder company, can check the information at any time. So concerns can be raised before that aspect is covered by the next stage of the build.

Next, be sure that your builder’s quality control process includes a photographic timeline. This is more than just the photos of your finished home, too.

#1 tips for getting a quality, comfortable efficient home (2)-CRC Builders Inc.Everything should be photographed before work begins on each element, as well as during and after. The images should be stored in the online client portal along with the daily logs. So everyone involved in the construction of your new home, including the company owner, can review them.

Having a photographic timeline can speed up the building process of your new home and prevent costly delays. You and the team working on your new home can use the photos to magnify any issues that need to be fixed before the work on that stage even begins. This is important because it shows a visual record that there are no hidden mistakes.

The Importance Of Pre-Start Checklists

Finally, ask to see your builder’s pre-start checklists.

Your builder should have one for each important stage of the building process, like foundation, framing, drywall, roofing, etc. This is the icing on the cake to truly make sure every element of your new home is built with the highest quality. The checklists help your builder to focus on the details and make sure no corners are cut when building your new home.

If your builder uses daily logs, photographs, and pre-start checklists when building your new home, you can rest assured that your home’s functionality, and aesthetics, will be of high quality.

It doesn’t matter if you are building your first home or if you have built many times before… Choosing a builder that can build you a quality home can be very overwhelming and, when you hear new things for the first time, it’s not easy to remember everything.

All the tips for getting a quality home I have covered here are just a small sample of the information I can share with you to ensure you are well informed when you choose a builder and start designing your new home. So I’ve put together a quick guide for you to download. It’s completely free, and it will help you to avoid any nasty surprises that can sneak up on you when building a custom home.

Just click on the link below to download the guide now.

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