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Our greatest asset is our crew, and we support anyone inspired to further their education. Interning for CRC Builders can provide you with experience and guidance in marketing and sales, business development and administration, or construction and design. Apply now to learn more. Apply Now

Kevin W.

Kevin is a rising senior studying Construction Science and Management, also a minor in Financial Management at Clemson University. Kevin grew up in California, but moved to South Carolina after High School Graduation.

Why did Kevin choose to intern for CRC Builders? Hear what Kevin had to say!

“I have had two prior internships working for a mid-sized commercial general contractor. I worked on a 30-million-dollar student housing project for both summers, but I wanted to experience the residential side of construction before I graduated to be introduced to as many different sides of construction as possible. If I were to go into the residential side of construction, I would want to work on luxury homes, so I figured no better company than one of the highest quality luxury builders in the Napa Valley.”

How was your internship experience with CRC Builders?

I had the best summer working here at CRC. I was able to work on a variety of different projects doing a variety of different tasks. Every day was different, and I never knew what I was going to be doing. I was able to split up my time and gain experience in the office as well as hand-on experience in the field, which is the best way to learn.


James S.

James was raised most of his life in California, but hasn’t had the chance to travel the world due to his father’s job as Project Manager for an oil company. Which is where James’ interest in the construction business began. James recently finished his first year of college at San Diego University, where he’s currently studying Construction Management.

Why did James choose to intern for CRC Builders? Read what James had to say!

Having just finished my first year of college, I wanted to get a head start on getting an internship with a construction company. The residential side of construction has always been interesting to me, so when I saw a company like CRC builders that deals with constructing and renovating high level luxury homes, I knew that I would have to go for it. The chance to possibly be a part of the CRC team was too good to pass up, and so I knew I had to apply for an internship.

How was your internship experience with CRC Builders?

Getting the opportunity to have an internship with CRC Builders was an extremely beneficial experience to both my education going forward in college, as well as my own personal understanding of the Residential side of construction. I learned more about the world of construction through this experience than I ever thought possible. I fully expect to use this experience going forward as a tool for growth and practice with my future job in the construction industry.