About Us


We are perfectionists.

That’s quite a claim, but at CRC Builders we understand what your home means to you. You want it to be perfect, and as leading general contractors in the Bay Area, perfection is what we strive for.

As dedicated craftsmen of luxury Bay Area custom homes, we combine a refined understanding of aesthetics with unsparing attention to detail and an in-depth knowledge of building techniques to ultimately deliver a finished project that is worthy of being the center of attention in your life.

To us, no detail is too small or too insignificant to take the time to get right. Whether that’s producing clear estimates, seeking out healthy, sustainable materials or continuing to educate ourselves on the latest green building techniques, if it’s important enough for our clients to mention it, it’s important enough for us to perfect.


You’ll often hear us throw this word around – HARP

We’re referring to our four core values that we live and breathe each day.  We refer to HARP when we hire someone, take on a new client, or partner with a new architect or subcontractor, and it hasn’t ever led us astray.  We make all of our big decisions by these values, and come back to them when confronted with a tough choice or a tempting offer.  Here’s what HARP means to us:

Humble Badass – Be humble when you’re victorious, and be badass every day.  We strive to confidentially and realistically represent our abilities to everyone we work with, because we want to back up our claims with absolute certainty.

Ascendant – We are constantly educating ourselves and evolving; we utilize innovative technology and processes, and we’re never content with mediocrity.  We’re always growing, rising, and ascending.

Relentless Tenacity – Giving up is not an option. We will either find a way or make one.  This extends to the advocacy that we provide for our clients; it’s not just construction but also representation throughout the build.

Passion to Deliver – The absolute best part of what we do is getting to see our clients’ faces light up when they discover or rediscover their homes once we’re done with them. We’re passionate about delivering the utmost quality in everything that we do, down to the smallest detail.


Guiding Visionaries through the process of building unique spaces for life’s next chapter

Visionaries are dreamers and leaders who know what they want and know what it takes to get there.  They can visualize their space, and it’s got some eye-catching custom touches that showcase their hard work.  You’ll find fellow Visionaries working within or alongside us; they’re our people and they’re who we want to serve.  Visionaries are fun, exciting, dynamic, and in our eyes, the best clients we can possibly hope for.

Guiding is what we do above all else.  From Design through Estimating, choosing your Selections, to breaking ground and watching your home go up before you, you’ll have an entire team at your side for assistance and guidance.  We consider ourselves not just builders but also advocates, guardians, and educators of our clients.  We want to make sure the decisions you’re making are the right ones for you, your family, and your future plans.

Building Unique Spaces for Life’s Next Chapter is why we get out of bed in the morning.  We’re eager to see what the latest innovations can bring to our clients and builds, while considering our client’s long-term visions and needs.  We live for that moment when something unique in a new space grabs your attention, and we want all of our builds to provide that same delight and wonder.  Looking to the future for groundbreaking tools and features allows us to transition into the future effortlessly.

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