Surefire Ways To Get The Home You’ve Always Dreamt Of

surefire ways to get the home you’ve always dreamt of-CRC Builders Inc.
By CRC Builders Inc | February 6, 2021

How can you be sure that your builder will build your new home to the quality you expect?

If you don’t do the legwork before you sign a contract, you could end up bitterly disappointed with the level of quality, which is far below what you believe you are paying for.

However, there are builders that will go through the process with you before signing a building contract to ensure every last detail of your new home is exactly what you expect. By working with a builder who has this level of attention to detail, you can rest assured that you’ll get the home you’ve always dreamt of, without any nasty surprises or extra stress along the way. They’ll work closely with you to ensure they understand your expectations so they can build your new home to the highest quality.

A study completed by Growth From Knowledge identified that new construction buyers are primarily concerned that they won’t find out about defects and issues until it’s too late. Average builders don’t have the systems in place to make sure this doesn’t happen. They rush over the design phase of the process and defer the selection of the finishes for your new home until after you’ve signed the contract.

Meanwhile, Professional Builders will be giving their attention to every last detail to make sure nothing is left to chance. They will work with you and the architect during the design phase and make sure all final selections are made so they can be included in your contract before construction begins. Not only that, but they also have systems to track and document all of this so nothing is missed.

Choose A Builder With The Right Systems

surefire ways to get the home you’ve always dreamt ofSo don’t work with a builder that only adds to the stress of building a new home… Instead, choose a professional builder that has the systems in place to make sure your new home meets, or even exceeds, your expectations. When you do this, you won’t have to worry about unexpected delays, wrong items being installed, or worse, a finished home that simply doesn’t meet your expectations.

A common myth when building a new home is that all builders are the same and they simply don’t care about quality. And that they just want to get in and get the job done, no matter what the consequences. However, there are builders out there that strive for perfection and have the systems and processes in place to deliver just that.

Here are some tips that will help you to get the home that you’ve always dreamt of.

The Importance Of Planning

surefire ways to get the home you’ve always dreamt ofFirst of all, your planning during the design phase is extremely important. It’s your chance to visually communicate exactly what you expect to the team that will design and build your new home.

So, start by collecting photos and ideas of things you’d like to be included. The internet is jam-packed with inspiration for new homes! When you start searching, create a folder of photos that will inspire the design of your home. You could also use clippings from magazines, save photos from the Houzz website, as well as taking ideas from homes your builder has previously completed.

Next, you’ll want to get specific on the details for the finishes of your new home. And I don’t mean just stating that you want black chrome faucets or grey marble countertops. Decide on what you want and document the model numbers for that exact product. When you use generic descriptions in the selections for your finishes, it allows a builder to potentially choose a product that isn’t of the standard you expected. By documenting exact model numbers for your finishes, you’ll know that the exact tiles, cabinets, or benchtops you choose will be the exact ones that will be installed in your home.

Processes The Guarantee Quality

surefire ways to get the home you’ve always dreamt ofFinally, ask your builder about their processes for ensuring quality. If they can’t answer this, that is a cause for concern.

Professional builders will have processes in place to make sure every last detail is the quality that you expect. They will have an online portal where you can make or share your selections during the design phase, so you and your builder are clear what the finishes will be.

It doesn’t matter if you are building your first home or if you have built many times before. Designing a new home can be very overwhelming, and when you hear new things for the first time, it’s not easy to remember everything.

All the tips I’ve covered here are just a small sample of the information I can share with you to ensure you get the home you’ve always dreamt of. So, I’ve put together a quick guide for you to download. It’s completely free, and it will help you to keep your design on budget and avoid any nasty surprises that can sneak up on you when building a custom home.

Just click on the link below to download The 7 Things You Must Know Before Designing A New Home now.

seven things you must know before designing a new home-CRC Builders Inc.