How To Ensure Your Home Is Built To The Highest Standard

yt how to ensure your home is built to the highest standard
By CRC Builders Inc | August 7, 2021

How can you choose a builder that builds your home to the highest quality standard?

When you work with a builder that doesn’t use site protection during construction, you’ll find yourself disappointed with the number of defects you find after you take possession of your new home.

The devastation of finding a drop of paint on your beautiful hardwood floors or a scrape on your shining glass doors is just like getting the first scratch on a brand new Range Rover. However, when you work with a professional builder that uses site protection processes for every stage of the build, this can be avoided. Choosing a professional builder that uses site protection during construction means you’ll take possession of your new home with all finishes in immaculate condition.

Site Protection Keeps Your New Home ‘New’

According to a study conducted by Zillow Group, half of new construction buyers say their main reason for building a home instead of buying an existing home is because everything is brand new. It’s the protection of the construction site that ensures everything in your new home is the quality it should be.

Average builders won’t use site protection. Instead, they’ll scramble at the end of construction to try and ‘fix’ all of the unnecessary defects that were created while your new home was being built. Or worse, some will tell you “it’s within industry standards” and make it your problem to deal with.

While professional builders have processes in place to ensure every element of your home is protected to prevent unnecessary defects. Professional builders know what your new home means to you, so they do everything in their power to make sure your home is perfect for handover.

You’re Entitled To A High-Quality Home

how to ensure your home is built to the highest standardWhen you work with a builder that doesn’t use site protection, the excitement of getting the keys to your new home will soon be dampened when you find that first ‘scratch’. Many consumers believe that it simply is what it is, and they just have to expect that these things will happen. But the truth is, you invest a lot of money to build a luxury home, so you’re entitled to expect perfection and demand a high-quality product.

This is what your builder must do to make sure every element of your home will be completed to the highest standard.

What Your Builder Needs To Protect Your Home

how to ensure your home is built to the highest standardYour builder should have a job schedule to ensure each phase of your home is completed in stages. This allows the builder to add site protection to the previous phase before the next one is completed. For example, after your flooring is installed the builder will add protection, so it isn’t disrupted when the painters come in.

Your builder should also implement a protection process for all finishes as they are delivered and installed. Typically this will include things like flooring, countertops, doors, windows, cabinetry, and screens. The site protection process for these elements includes effectively covering the areas, or storing materials, like interior doors, off-site until they are installed.

These site protection processes prevent the finishes of your new home being damaged during construction. So you can be confident that your new home won’t be riddled with damages and defects when your handover date arrives.

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