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Calbarrier, a division of CRC Builders Inc., is a pioneering Aeroseal Envelope dealer (formerly Aerobarrier) and installer with an unwavering commitment to green building practices and sustainable living. Their mission is to transform homes and commercial buildings into energy-efficient, eco-friendly sanctuaries. We believe that green building is not just a trend but a responsible way of shaping the future, and Calbarrier is at the forefront of this movement.

Calbarrier is deeply committed to reducing the carbon footprint of homes and commercial spaces. By leveraging the innovative Aeroseal Envelope technology, they empower property owners to achieve remarkable energy efficiency improvements. Their tailored solutions not only conserve energy but also enhance indoor air quality, creating healthier, more comfortable living and working environments.

Calbarrier’s team comprises passionate people in the fields of green building, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality. They work closely with clients to craft custom solutions that align with their sustainability goals. Whether it’s improving insulation, enhancing ventilation systems, or optimizing overall energy performance, they’re dedicated to delivering results that not only benefit clients’ bottom lines, but also contribute to a healthier more sustainable future for generations to come. With Calbarrier the future of green building is now!

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