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Custom Luxury Home

Custom Home Napa CA
Custom Home Court Yard Napa CA
Custom Home Fireplace Napa
Custom Home Side Yard Napa Calif
Custom Home Porch Napa Calif
Custom Home Backyard Napa CA
Custom Home Palm Trees Napa

CRC Builders Inc. Gourmet Kitchens

Kitchen Remodeling Napa CA
New Kitchen Napa
Napa Valley Kitchen
Kitchen Remodeling Napa Calif
Custom Kitchen in Napa
Custom Kitchen in Napa
Napa Valley Kitchen

CRC Builders Inc. Living Spaces

Living Space -1
Living Space -2
Living Space -5
Living Space -6
Living Space -8

CRC Builders Inc. Luxury Bathrooms

Bathroom Remodeling Napa CA
Bathroom Remodeling Napa Valley
Bathroom Remodel Napa
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling

CRC Builders Inc. Home Offices

Custom Home Office
Home Office Napa CA
Napa Valley Home Office

CRC Builders Inc. Custom Homes Built in Napa and Bay Area

Custom Home in Napa CA
Custom Home in Napa Valley
Custom Home
Custom Home Napa Valley CA
Home in Napa Calif

At CRC, we live and breathe these core values: Humble BadassAscendantRuthless TenacityPassion to Deliver Our customers are our priority, so we promise to always communicate with you in an honest, clear, and positive manner. Give us a call and have all your questions answered! 707.421.8924





CRC Builders

A Bit About Us!

Welcome to CRC Builders General Contractors, Napa Valley, and the Bay Area Primer Custom Home and Remodeling Contractor.
We have been providing creative building in the California Bay Area since 1994.
In the course of that time, we have polished our craftsmanship of everything from historic buildings to cutting-edge modern spaces. All that experience has enabled us to create a client-centered process that helps turn dream homes into your reality and shows a healthy respect when it comes to a budget.
To us, absolutely no detail is too small or too insignificant to spend the time to get right. Whether that is actually creating very clear quotes, for your new custom home or house remodeling project, or seeking out healthy and balanced environmentally friendly materials, or continuing to educate ourselves on the current green building techniques, if it’s important enough for our customers to mention it, it’s important enough for us to perfect.
For the past 27+ years as a California Licensed General Contractor, we have been in charge of the design and construction of everything from the remodeling of historic buildings to advanced contemporary homes.
CRC Builders has partnered up creatively with top architects and designers in the Bay Area in order to help our customers realize their vision for their home. The good results have generated us an extensive list of satisfied clients and “Construction Excellence Awards” that we are very proud of.
As our portfolio demonstrates, CRC Builders is an enthusiastic group of experts who provide vibrant, innovative results all throughout the Napa California Bay Area.
Here is what you get when you team up with us in the new construction or remodeling of your dream home!

  • 27+ years, licensed contractor in California with a long list of very satisfied customers as references.
  • A shared enthusiasm for excellence, top-quality applications, and a predictable, effective construction experience for custom-built homes and remodeling.
  • Our decades of experience, ongoing education, and desire to build solid customer relationships.
  • We are guided by a dedicated focus on client needs, strong community values, and a positive disciplined team approach.
  • Our core staff provides professional, hands-on support through every single level of planning and building.
  • We very carefully direct each aspect of construction, from initial analysis and budget preparation to the management of all administrative details, customer meetings, onsite supervision, sub-contractor coordination, project agendas, scheduling, and every other detail needed for the completion of your new house or remodel.
  • We are committed to listening carefully, providing sound planning feedback, meeting budget objectives, nailing deadlines, preparing for challenges, staying flexible, and getting you into your beautiful new house as respected partners & friends.
We invite you to give us a call at 707-421-8924 to set up a no-obligation per building consultation. Let us answer all your beginning questions along with giving you advice on how to proceed efficiently with your dream project!

CRC Builders, your Napa Valley and San Francisco Bay Area Premier Home Builders!

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